This time we have the 2nd interview of the ‘International’ section, our second destination will be Vietnam. We visited Ho Van Y (01/01/1997), goalkeeper of the Vietnam National Team and Thai Son Nam. Ho Van Y has been part of the Vietnam team that has reached 1/8 of the final and has stood up to a great selection, as is the Russian one.

Ho Van Y will talk to us about his career in Vietnam and how he is experiencing the World Cup in Lithuania.

-Welcome Ho Van Y. Our first question we like to direct towards the biography of the players. Where and when did you start playing futsal?

I was player of Hoang Thu Da Nang futsal club in 2016. I was student too.

-You start playing futsal at a professional level at Da Nang Futsal Club. There you live your first experiences at a professional level and spend 3 years. What memories do you have of this club?

That club helped me a lot, I improved futsal skills and knowledges last 3 years.

-In 2016 you made your debut with the Vietnamese U-20 futsal team, where you play during 2016 and 2017. What did you feel when you debuted with the Under 20 National Team of Vietnam?

That moment, I was young and I was nervous when I played first International tournament, but It was base step for me reaching to national team.

-And during 2017 you already started playing with the Vietnamese Futsal National Team… Did you notice a lot of change compared to the U-20? Do you think that the Vietnamese National Team has improved from that year until now?

Of course, I think Việt Nam had a big improvement, I believe that we will improve more and more in future.

-Then, in 2018, you decide to change your club. Your destination is Thai Son Nam FC, one of the best clubs in the country and in Asia. What achievements or moments do you remember the most with Thai Son Nam? How do you feel at the club right now?

The Big result was runners up in AFC futsal club championship 2018. I am happy with club, teammates, manager.

-The year you start playing at Thai Son Nam FC you are nominated among the best goalkeepers in the world (Umbro Futsal Planet Awards)… How did you experience that moment?

I was surprised and I promised myself that I must work hard to reach to another level.

-Finally, your performance in the World Cup has been flawless, and that of the National Team as well. You even managed to put Russia in trouble in the 1/8 finals. How have you lived the experience of playing in a World Cup?

I enjoyed and learned alot of experience and have a chance to face the best strikers in the world, I can show how is my good performance in world level.

-Thank you very much Ho Van Y. We hope your season in Vietnam goes well, and that you continue to have success with your National Team.